Sponsored publications

Sponsorship opportunities are available for organizations interested in supporting education and making a difference in Florida. As an FPES sponsor, your organization will be recognized for participating in a program that enhances education and literacy in Florida.

Teachers and schools are always in need of quality, standards-based supplemental educational materials. In Florida, FPES helps to fill that gap by producing themed curriculum supplements and distributing them to schools through our network of member newspapers.

FPES publications are written by educational experts and correlated to the Florida Standards. Available on virtually any subject, they are an outstanding way to share your organizational priorities with students, teachers and parents. Recent sponsored publications have covered subjects such as nutrition, wildfire safety, environmental sustainability, financial literacy and citizenship.

Benefits of sponsorship

  • NIE extends the sponsor’s brand through a respected, quality educational program.
  • Sponsors gain access to an audience of parents, teachers and students – an opportunity not available to traditional marketing or advertising
  • Sponsors decide the target market. Distribution can be statewide or selected by counties.

For more information on sponsoring themed curricula, contact Karen Tower at or 321-283-5345.

Classroom sponsorship

By sponsoring a classroom newspaper subscription, you can provide teachers with an important teaching resource and help students in your  community become better readers and future leaders.

Donors interested in sponsoring a classroom have the option of sending their gift directly to a specific newspaper’s NIE program or to Florida Press Educational Services.

Designating FPES as the recipient may allow donors to deduct their donations as a charitable contribution. FPES is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and contributions to it may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Donors should always consult with their tax adviser or the IRS to determine whether a contribution is deductible.

To sponsor a classroom subscription to an FPES member newspaper, print out and complete the classroom sponsorship form. Be sure to indicate which newspaper’s NIE program should receive the donation. Return the form with your check made payable to FPES or credit card information to:

Florida Press Educational Services
336 E College Ave, Ste 201
Tallahassee, FL 32301

For more information about supporting Newspaper in Education programs through FPES, contact Karen Tower at or 321-283-5345.